Dana Rone Law Office provides legal advice in a number of fields. The clients can choose that model of co-operation with advocates , which fit them the most – either to conclude a permanent agreement about receipt of legal assistance, or to consult on an ad hoc basis about particular issue. The Law Office renders legal advice in a form chosen by the client, in the presence, as well as by distance – in the form of e-mails and phone consultations.

Commercial Law

Dana Rone Law Office provides legal assistance in the commercial law issues, to begin with starting of commerce, until re-organization or other changes into the company. The merchants can receive assistance in management of company and drafting of legal documents. Co-operation with the law office is especially recommended to the companies who doesn’t employ an in-house lawyer, but who are still willing to be informed about commercial law actualities. The law office consults members of the board and council about liability issues.

Insurance Law

Dana Rone Law Office provides legal assistance in the insurance law issues. In the case a draft insurance contract and possible insurance terms have to be evaluated whether they fit interests of the client, a consultation with advocate is highly recommendable. Also in cases when obstacles occur to receive insurance indemnity from the insurance company, the law office can give consultations about the best possible solution. The law office has given consultations also to insurance companies about disputable legal questions and their positive development.


Law office has successful cooperation in the field of insurance law with licensed insurance broker company "AGGA brokeris":

Labour Law

Dana Rone Law Office gives consultations to employers and employees in the Labour Law issues. The law office elaborates a wide scope of types of documents directly connected with labour relations – labour agreements, working regulations, instructions, orders, decisions, explanations, requests for explanations, notice of termination, etc. The clients can timely receive consultations about the best possible solutions of situations in the labour relations.

Translation of legal texts

People with a long-term experience in translation of legal texts work in the Dana Rone Law Office. Translations are done from and to Latvian, Russian, English, German and Spanish. Draft documents are elaborated in these languages, as well as submitted materials translated.

Administrative Law

Dana Rone Law Office renders to the clients legal assistance in administrative law questions. It is possible to consult about validity of administrative acts and possibilities to challenge them in higher instances and the court. Following the request from the client the law office elaborates short and practical, as well as in-depth and specialized researches about legal regulation in the fields like consumer law, distribution of products and labelling of products, regulation of transportation and shipment, etc.

Family Law

Dana Rone Law Office gives legal assistance in all fields of family law. The founder of the office Dana Rone is an experienced family law advocate and has published a number of articles about this subject in the national magazines like Ieva, Mans Mazais and Praktiskais Latvietis. The Law Office gives legal consultations in the fields like divorce of marriage, alimony payments, enforcement of custody rights and meeting (access) rights, prenuptial (marriage) contract, adoption, etc. Complete confidentiality is granted for clients in these sensitive issues. The Law Office can give some recommendations for clients to consult also with family psychologists and mediators, whose advice is often as necessary as advocate’s. Dana Rone Law Office has rendered official expert opinion and affidavit of law for many court institutions in the United Kingdom about child abduction cases and interpretation of Latvian law in this aspect.

Claims to the European Court of Human Rights

Dana Rone Law Office gives legal assistance to the clients to submit a claim in the European Court of Human Rights within 6 months after the last adjudication in particular dispute is adopted in Latvian court. Aspects of this type of litigation and the recent case-law are explained to the clients. During the process of litigation the law office helps the clients to submit in the court additional written considerations, opinions and replies to questions. After the submission of the initial claim to the ECHR the law office drafts all sequent correspondence and legal documents in the working language of the court – in English.


A sworn advocate Dana Rone is also a mediator and renders to clients mediation services. The mediation is world known method of settlement of disputes, in which a neutral third person – a mediator helps the disputants to settle their controversies. A mediator in contradiction to the court or arbitrations does not adopt a decision about settlement of case. Instead of that a mediator facilitates the disputants to settle their case. A process of mediation is voluntary and confidential. During the mediation the disputants are heard, their true wishes, interests, values and goals are clarified. A mediation can have joint and separate caucuses, depending on essence of particular dispute. In some cases not only one, but two co-mediators are recommended to have more objective view to the case. The practice and experience of US and the Great Britain proves that mediation instead of litigation is chosen by those persons – both, global corporations in billion worth projects and natural persons in seemingly minor cases – who recognize excessive duration, costliness of litigation and impossibility of affect the outcome of it. It is a mediation in which disputants can take charge of the process and to finish their controversies in the form of mutual agreement, to satisfy the needs of all involved parties. If the litigation is aimed to the event and analysis of the event in the past, then mediation calls to look into the future. The parties have all possibilities to decide what to do with the disputable event in the past and how to live further on in mutually beneficial conditions.


Dana Rone Law Office helps clients in the process of litigation. Procedural documents are elaborated for clients – claims, side complaints, appeals and cassations. The clients can receive assistance in the process of exploration of proofs and their obtaining. It is possible to represent the client in the court completely (on the basis of power-of-attorney), and in the form of legal assistance (on the basis of advocate’s order). The clients can rely on legal assistance in the state courts, arbitrations, administrative courts and the Orphan’s court. Before and during the litigation the law office also consults on client’s legal expectations and possibilities in the litigation. The aim to the law office is to provide the client with true evaluation of juridical possibilities and risks connected with litigation.